Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An Illness with no cure

One illness that is hard to care for is Home Sickness. Once again I am feeling it. Maybe it's the time of year, and I am realizing I've lived in the Okanagan for a little over one year now. It is beautiful here, lovely lakes, mountains, hiking trails. The heat in the summer was challenging, but awesome. Fall is colourful, and

I look forward to the powdery snow, but not the bone chilling aches, or the heart throbs of longing for my home.

I miss the the waves of the ocean crashing in my ears, I find myself yearning for the salty stench of the ocean on a low tide day. Tides so far out, that the rotting seaweed smells so strong you can taste it, but it's wonderful.
Windy days that create monstrous waves forcing The City to barricade the road. Seagulls attacking innocent tourists trying to feed the "birds", thinking they're doing them a favour. Jumping, and galloping dogs chasing after their frisbees in the ocean side dog park.
I miss my friends, plain and simple. I even miss my job. I must have a fever, a cold sweat, someone take my temperature, take care of me. Cure my Home Sickness... take me home.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

** Me before the "WELL" incident...

I just updated my blog, and it asked me my random question: I'm trapped in a well with a goat and a slinky, what would I do? I'd wait for someone to rescue me, as I'm not that smart when it comes to things like this... I'd wait for a sexy man to save me. Who's been running though the forest, roughed up from the journey, moist and dewy with manly sweat, (only he'll smell good from his scented deoderant). He'll throw a hand woven silky rope ladder down to me, climb down and carry me up to the top. He'll then go back for the little goat to save the furry little creature, and the goat, (who I since named Billy), will prance off into the woods. The slinky can stay in the well, as a memoir to my savior... the sexy glistening man, who risked his life, climbed down a well just to save me!

Yeah right in my dreams... I'd die of hunger, since I don't eat goats (or other animals/ mammals), the goat would end up eating my hair and clothes and the sexy man would find a malnourished half clothed bald women barely alive, suffering from scurvy.
** Me after the "WELL" incident...
when the old fat firemen had to haul me out with a tow truck and chain, and this was AFTER, I was rehydrated and renourished.
(Sometimes I really wonder what I do with my other spare time???)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy 29th Birthday to me!

I'm not a cake eater, (nor a beaver eater), so my friends got me a Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwhich. they're low on fat, and taste great too! I should be a spokes person for them, I've made them a fortune, I'm sure, this last year! Here I am give my candle a blow job; posing for the pic and all... After indulging in the delectable dessert, with more than trace evidence smeared on my digits and teeth enamel; my friends and I dive into many drinks and a game of new age trivia.

Note: the black mark on my teeth that makes me look toothless! It's the Skinny Cow Ice cream Sandwhich1 It's also all over my left hand there! LOL

Rob having a sip...or a chug? What'll it be "B"?

Cher and Rob, posing funny for the camera!

Eric, Shelly, and Rob - Snacking, drinking, laughing and hanging 'round!

Danielle and Mike, haning out having a drink or three!

The next night we all went to the bar, but you don't want to see those pics too, do you?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Soon to be Christmas!

We went to Mike's work's Christmas party the other night. It was fun, after having a few drinks ofcourse lol. Here are some photos...

Us before the party....

Us at the party...

Mike opening his gift, (not a great photo)...

Mike with his cherished gift, (see the child like glow to his face, with his beloved chocolates)

At the party, the rule with the gifts is, they draw names and you pick a wrapped gift. Mike new that the box looked like a box of chocolates, so he chose that one! lol ... Low and behold it was indeed chocolates! Yet another rule of the gift game is, anyone can TAKE your gift if they want it.. (I know kinda weird huh)... so this woman that Mike works with, knew that he's 'watching his weight', and comes up and says "I want those chocolates", snatches them away and exchanges her gift with his cherished chocolates. Her gift being a mini fondu set, I was happy with end result, as I didn't need any extra calories in the house, and we don't have a fondu set! LOL Mike on the other hand was absolutely DEVASTATED! CRUSHED! BEATEN with a stick and hung out to dry, betrayed by a co-worker... lol. Pathetic, huh? Kinda funny too though.
Our new fondu set...

Anyway... as I was saying we ended up having a good time, had a few drinks and a few laughs. Christmas is on it's way! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas! More pics to come, once it arrives!

Friday, December 08, 2006

My Excitement is Growing!

As the snow falls multiple times here in Vernon BC, I get giddy like a child waiting to jump in a pile of snow and build a snowman; although I have yet to do this, as it's been too bloody cold. It is warming up, so maybe next time it snows, I can throw on a pair of my boyfriends fleece lined pants, a pair of boots, a toque , scarf, and mitts, and go play in the snow like a worry free child... Or maybe I don't jump in like a clumsy kid because I am indeed an adult now, and I'm usually stuck working when it's snowing, and by the time I get home from work it's late, I'm achy and tired, and just want to go to bed..lol. It's yet to snow when I've got the chance to get out and 'play'...'play' like I want to.

It sure is pretty to watch from the window though, then again that makes me feel like a senior citizen; at the rocking chair with a cup of hot cocoa watching the snowfall...good lord! Not that there's anything wrong with that! With the exception of this winter, I would not get this pleasure in Victoria BC (where I just moved from), as normally it rarely snows there. So, as of presently, I am not sick of the snow, I'm loving it. Every time it snows I still get giddy like an 8 year old on Christmas Eve.

Speaking of Christmas and feeling giddy... (giggle giggle)... I'm starting to feel my own inner 8 year old getting excited for Christmas. I think no matter how old we are Christmas is fun. Unless we don't get to be together with our families, than it can be rather unexciting... but fortunately this year I get to go home! I've wrapped all my presents, they're waiting patiently under my 4.5 foot "eyesore-of-a-tree", to be opened... maybe even by YOU, (giggle giggle)!
Ok I admit that I too am slightly excited for my own presents.. but hey I'm only human man! You can't blame me! That's what society and the media has done to our children... (me included lol)... the children are the future, and obviously I'm slightly screwed in the head, so the future children are DOOMED!!!!! Not that there's anything wrong with that...
in Seinfeld's words...

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Minus 20!

So Cold... so cold, we went for a walk in the park, which only lasted 5 mins because my face, legs, and ass started to burn- from frost bite I presume. I couldn't feel my cheeks, nose, or chin anymore, and started running back to the car screaming for Mike to hurry up, I felt like crying, I was so cold! I don't mind the snow, I'm actually enjoying it, because we didn't get much at all in Victoria, or even in Mission where I grew up... (although this winter the entire West Coast has been hit with more than us in the Okanagan hahaha), but this minus friggin 20 degrees, is ridiculous! It's to cold to do anything, the cars freeze up, the fog on your car windows on the inside turn to frost and ices over - on the INSIDE of your vehicle! Even though you have the defrost/heat on full blast! Apparently these temps are not normal, and it should warm up soon... to minus 8 or 5 hahahahah! Atleast that is somewhat decent, I think. News From the North Okanagan, and a lonely West Coast Girl....

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ode to Vernon

as of my 1st month here...

V is for Very boring at this moment in time

E is for Ecstasy - I may need some to pass the time here!

R is for Raunchy cat farts! (see below)

N is for North (because it is considered the North Okanagan)

O is for Okanagan (because it is situated in the Okanagan...duh!)

N is for Nice friggin poem Tanya, are you that bored!?

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